What Does Service Look Like?

The message for you this day is one of service. When you are in service to others, you are doing Spirit’s work here on earth. Service may be interpreted in a variety of ways. It may be interpreted as that which you do to specifically help another person. It also may be that which helps Read More

Oceans of Love And Compassion

Oceans of joy are rolling your way. When we take the time to stand before the majesty of the ocean’s depth and breadth, we are amazed at the source of that which seems to have no beginning and no end. It becomes a wonderful metaphor of our own love and compassion for others, and emphasizes Read More

Where Can Spirit Be Found?

Spirit speaks to each of you in many ways. It may be spoken and heard by someone in need. It may be felt and seen through the gifts of nature. It may be written as words to invite you to have a visual picture that makes your heart soar. People try to find spirit in Read More