Are You Alone For the Holidays?

This is such a wonderful time of the year for family and friends to get together. But, what happens if you happen to be alone this year? Have you ever heard the expression that you can be in a room full of people and still feel alone? Well, the reverse is true as well. You Read More

Spiritual Gifts

What are spiritual gifts? I see them as gifts that are received from spirit. That may sound redundant, but many people sometimes don’t recognize which gifts they are! The question then becomes “how do I recognize these gifts and why do I need to do that?” You receive so many gifts in your life on Read More

What Is Spiritual Love?

Spiritual love is the type of love that cannot be quantified. There is not necessarily a specific person to tell “I love you,” but there’s a larger more encompassing feeling of connecting with love and light on a larger scale. Spiritual love is a realm of consciousness that others enter into when they’re ready for Read More

Welcome Change

This is the theme for New Pathway to Healing this month with the title of “New Beginnings.”  The arrival of spring is always so pivotal in allowing your body, mind and soul to reflect and take notice of what has been, what is, and what direction and path you wish to take next. Of course, Read More

Part 1: Children and Their Past-Life Memories

Today’s post will wet your appetite to meet internationally known author, Carol Bowman who will be my guest on New Pathway To Healing blogtalkradio show tomorrow at 2:30 PM EST. Click Here To Listen! She is absolutely fascinating and an expert in her field of children and past-life regression. She has appeared on Oprah, ABC Read More

Why Change?

You might be asking yourself even after reading the first posts of this month, “Why change?” If you are in a very comfortable point in your life where you find everything in your relationships seem to working well, your career is humming along, there doesn’t seem to be any financial concerns, and there’s no major Read More

Love Your Soul!

Love is the key to happiness in life. When you have love in your life, it allows others to feel your joy. Love brings an abundance of peaceful energy to your daily life that in turn feeds your soul! Think about the last time you felt in love, whether it was in love with life, Read More

A New Beginning with Edie Weinstein

I would love to introduce to one of my dear friends, Edie Weinstein, who has graciously written this blog post as my guest! It is a beautiful piece of writing that goes with my theme of “a new beginning” this month! She was also a guest on my radio show recently! Feel free to download Read More

New Beginning Stories

What is your new beginning? I find that people are a true source of inspiration for many others. Sometimes you aren’t even sure what you want until you hear or read of someone else’s new venture. So I have invited several of my friends that have new beginnings in their life to tell you about Read More

Top 12 Posts of 2011!

Dear Readers, It has been such a pleasure to write five days of each week throughout 2011. You have given me such wonderful feedback that I’ve decided to highlight the top 12 posts of the year! Much love and light! Petey No. 12: The Gift Of Abundance Abundance is a funny word. Some people may Read More