The Art of Forgiveness

The art of forgiveness is a difficult concept for some people to understand and implement. The whole premise of forgiveness is to let go. Once you are able to let go of that which binds you and keeps your body, mind and soul enslaved in its grip, then you are free to see what YOU Read More

The Path to Happiness

Feeling joy, seeing nature’s masterpieces, hearing the symphonies of the angels and being in touch with spirit are all the pieces to your happiness in this lifetime. The most wonderful thing about this is the ability to access this feeling from one of these venues or another. At times in life, you may only have the Read More

Follow Your Inner Voice

Trusting in the path ahead of you is one of the greatest lessons our souls come here to learn in this lifetime. Why is it so difficult to achieve, and what can you do to help your soul in this process? It is very challenging for people to trust that they are being given the Read More

How To Open Your Heart

Opening up your heart to those you might view as difficult or challenging in nature will actually move them to change the path they are on and redirect their actions to feelings that serve them in a better manner. How do you open your heart to those that feel so difficult in nature? If you Read More

Why Do People Have Secrets?

Secrets. Why do people have them, and what do they do in your life? People choose to have secrets for many reasons. One is from a fear of judgment from another person in their life. Another is from their own feelings of failure. Yet another reason comes from being unable to separate themselves from whatever Read More

How Do You Live From Your Highest Good?

Operating from your highest good is a wonderful rule of thumb for practicing how you live your life. It is when you choose to operate from some other place that problems occur. Why is it that you don’t come from your highest good at all times? It is the human within you that can easily Read More

How Do I Trust?

Trusting for many is a difficult thing to do. It may come from many issues. You may have been betrayed in the past by someone that did not live up to their word. You might have betrayed someone else as well. The issue of not being able to trust may go both ways. Most of Read More

How To Forgive

Learning to forgive others for their misdeeds, misspoken words, or just plain mistakes is an opportunity for our soul to evolve to a higher plane of consciousness. We are able to see beyond the slights, judgments, and criticisms to understand that this is how their soul is choosing to evolve. It’s interesting to note that Read More

Forgiveness Work Moves You Forward!

Photo: By Ron Silveira The message for you this day is one of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a topic that many people like to pass over as they are not sure what to do with their unforgiving feelings. Many confuse the issue of forgiveness with feeling they have to forget it as well. There is no forgetting! Read More

Forgiveness Is Beautiful!

Forgiveness is a state of mind and a state of heart. When the mind is ready to forgive, then the heart can follow. It also is true that when the heart is at a place to forgive, then the mind adjusts its messages to your brain to be in accord. Forgiveness is allowing the other Read More