How To Sing Your Song Once Again!

There is a song alive within you. It speaks of joy, love and happiness. When you are in a joyful state, it can be heard clearly by others. When sadness or difficult times are present, there is only quiet. The notes and words of your song become muted as if you paused it for some Read More

How To Attract Happiness!

Is happiness truly meant to be a part of everyone’s life or are there some people that are not destined to feel such happiness? Happiness is a feeling known to mankind as a way to express joy at all of those things that go right in your life. When you are looking for those things Read More

How You Show Gratitude In Difficult Times AND Mean It!

Being grateful for that which is being dropped into your life is your way of saying thank you for all of God’s gifts. The interesting part of this is that it not only speaks to positives but also those things that you might see as difficult or challenging. You are thankful for those things as Read More

Unconditional Gift

It is as if the heavens have been called down to grace our wonderful earth. Rising at dawn to watch the sun begin its magical birth in the silence and peacefulness of the early morning brings a feeling of contentment that soothes your soul. High atop the mountain and peering out into the break of Read More