A Simple Day of Gratitude – July 20, 2011

When you are in service to others, you are doing some of your finest soul work. Service can look like so many things to so many people! Typically service is seen as the act of helping others in some respect. You can help one person or a group of people! If you choose to think Read More

The Soul At Work

Helping to guide others to their own individual place of peace is something that anyone can assist another to do. It is in this act of assistance that awareness comes forth on what the journey really is about in this lifetime. Is it in everyone’s nature to give help to those in need? While it Read More

What Comes Around Goes Around!

Generosity. How is this word connected to abundance, spirit and love? When you have a generous heart, it overflows with love, warmth and nurturance. This manifests in an abundance of people feeling what you are willing to give so generously. Spreading forth love and light is the message of spirit. It is when spirit’s aura Read More

Why Should You Honor Your Neighbor?

Honoring your neighbor. What does this expression truly mean? When you have the ability to honor your neighbor no matter what intentions they are bringing your way, it refers to the simple act of service you can do on a daily basis. To bring respect and honor to the man or woman on the street Read More

Receiving Gifts

The messages for you this day are ones of receiving. Receiving is an action word. When your hands are cupped, they are ready to receive. When they are placed together with fingers entwined, they are in a prayer mode. Praying to receive is fine. Many are told from early on that they shouldn’t ask for Read More