What Is There To Celebrate?

Celebration! Is it something to wait for until something huge happens in your life, or is it something that can be practiced on a daily basis? Of course as anyone that is on the spiritual road knows, celebration is to be done on a daily basis. The practice of celebrating the sun rising each day, Read More

Connect With Spirit!

What is the actual path you can take to connect with spirit? Is it one where if you decide to finally try the art of meditation on a daily basis that you will be able to hear spirit? Can it be accessed through prayer? Is it something you can read in a book and discover Read More

Simply Love!

There are vibrations that are lifting and taking off around the world at a higher and more consistent speed. This vibration is bringing into alignment all of those ideas and thoughts that will join with spirit as you move forward into the next movement of time. We call this our calendar year. When multiples of Read More

How to Stop Playing the “What If” Game

Choosing the path that you need to travel down can feel difficult to many. We are always leaping ahead to the future. “If I go down this particular path, how will it feel? Will I really be happy on that journey? What if I go down this side of the path? Will that be better Read More

Similar Paths

The journey is shown to us through bridges built by man and nature as well to lead us through new pathways that will become soul answers. Some of the bridges are covered while others are not. Yet the excitement you feel when you step upon that which can connect you with your answers beckons you Read More

Take The Easiest Path!

Bubbling over the mountaintop is a tiny stream of water that has found its way to the top of the mountain from the reservoir deep below. Its enthusiasm and clarity is seen in the frothing cold water that is so transparent that one can easily find all of the rock lying underneath to support the Read More

Give Yourself The Gift Of Joy!

The most wonderful gift you’ll ever give to yourself is experience of joy. For it is when you are in your most joyful space that the heavens open up to unlimited possibilities, and peace and love is felt throughout your world. Deciding to be joyful is a choice you can give to yourself. Deciding to Read More

Generosity Of Spirit

Generosity of spirit is a lovely vision to watch. When there is generosity of spirit occurring in people’s lives, there are big smiles and lots of laughter. For the act of giving of oneself is the most generous thing one could give. Giving of your thoughts, time, spirit, inspiration, help, love and kindness are the Read More

How Do You Create Your Vision?

Having awareness for what you want, how it will look, and what details you can see played out before you is what brings your vision in view. As you see clearly, it becomes more defined, brighter, and feels real as your unconscious actually begins to manifest the reality of the vision statement that you have Read More

Where Can Spirit Be Heard?

Messages come in many packages. Messages from spirit are no different than any other message we receive daily. We choose to hear some of the messages and others we ignore, choose not to respond to, or we embrace them and look forward to the next and the next. Some choose to hear message from spirits Read More