How To Get Good Karma

When you hear the word karma, do you thing of something bad or good? It seems like the very word immediately conjures up mixed feelings for many folks. For some, they immediately think of something good coming to them. For others, they think of a price they are going to have to pay. Why is Read More

Do You Have Faith?

How can you learn to trust in the path ahead when you can’t really see the end of it? This is a question I’m asked often in my practice from clients. Many of them have been taught that having a blind faith in what lies before them is not a prudent decision to make. But Read More

A Sacred Space

Taking a journey of spirit to a place where peace and tranquility are the only feelings that fill this space is what will allow you to hear you most powerful messages. It is when you are in this space and time that you are able to hear the quietest of whispers that give direction to Read More

What is the Secret of Attraction?

When you are in the mode of attracting the right spiritual energy to your path, it is as if the stars are in perfect alignment for it to happen. How can you help this process to take place? As you are putting singular vibrations out to the universe, you will begin attracting multiples of similar Read More

It’s Time to Open the Door!

How can you access that which you don’t even know you need? It is when you are experiencing some of your most difficult times that it is the perfect moment to remember to trust. Trust in the situations and the people surrounding them to know this is your opportunity for extensive soul growth. These will Read More

Tapping Into Your Subconscious

How do you address issues that sit way back in your subconscious, if you’re not even aware that they’re there and becoming the source of your discontent? When you allow yourself to journal without an agenda, it brings the subconscious forth to let you to see what you need to. This would also include meditating Read More

How To Make Good Decisions

What do you do when you have a decision to make? Do you ponder over it for days or weeks? Or do you quickly make whatever decision you think is best at that moment for sake of time? People make decisions using both of these solutions. Sometimes they are left with a bad feeling as Read More

How To Make Good Choices

What choices are you making that will provide the best outcome for you? Are they choices that affect just you or others in your life? Depending upon the nature of your choices, it is first imperative that you sit down in a quiet space and reflect on what it is that you wish to have Read More

Are You Listening?

When you are in the mode of listening, you will hear your messages. Each and every message is meant for you to find more growth in the evolution of your soul. Each message can bring you closer and closer to that which you have yearned to remember. Trusting that you are receiving and hearing the Read More

Should You Trust Your Intuition?

Not making use of the qualities that can lead you to your highest destiny is doing a disservice to yourself. There are a myriad of people and services out there that can help you. Allowing your heart, mind and soul to discern which is best for you is crucial to your success in life. Aligning Read More