Laws of Karma

It was such a delight to write my series on The 12 Laws of Karma. It’s always so interesting to talk about the laws that drive much of our human behaviors in this lifetime. I received wonderful emails thanking me for the series, so I thought I would share them with you! I think we Read More

How To Get Good Karma

When you hear the word karma, do you thing of something bad or good? It seems like the very word immediately conjures up mixed feelings for many folks. For some, they immediately think of something good coming to them. For others, they think of a price they are going to have to pay. Why is Read More

What Fascinates People About The Word “Karma?”

When I wrote the blog series on “The 12 Laws of Karma,” I initially Googled the word karma to see the level of interest. Shockingly, just the word karma was searched more than 600,000 times last month! I realized that this word had captured the interest of many souls who were seeking more and more Read More

What Does “Karma” Mean?

I have been asked this question many different times since the free gift for subscribing to my newsletter is the series I wrote on the 12 Laws of Karma, so I thought I would explain it in more depth in this post. Just to refresh people on how the actual word “karma,” it’s defined as Read More

No. 4 Top Post of the Year: The Law of Creation

The Law of Creation Continuing with our series of the 12 Laws of Karma, let’s talk about the second law of karma:“The Law of Creation.” This law states, “Life doesn’t just happen, it requires our participation.” What does this mean exactly? I’ve had client after client say to me, “Well, I’m a good person, why aren’t good things Read More

Do You Share Facebook Posts?

In thinking about why the “share” button was placed under a Facebook post or on blogs, is it really a marketing genius at work or is it really much more than that? Of course the more that people share this information, the more exposure you get with what you have to say to others! But Read More

No. 12: The Law of Significance and Inspiration

Today I’m speaking about the last of the twelve Laws of Karma: The Law of Significance and Inspiration. The true essence of this law is that “you get back from something whatever YOU have put into it.” This has been referred to in various ways within several of the other laws of karma. But this Read More

No.11: The Law of Patience and Reward

The eleventh Law of Karma is The Law of Patience and Reward. This law seems to be one of the most challenging for many people because it involves the characteristic of patience. It’s a difficult attribute for people to remember in our society of immediate gratification and the “I’m ready for it now” feeling. This Read More

No. 10: The Law of Change

Today I’m speaking of the tenth Law of Karma: The Law of Change. How appropriate and serendipitous that the tenth Law of Karma came to me in meditation just a few days after the tenth anniversary of 9-11. The essence of this law states that “history repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we Read More

No. 9: The Law of Here and Now

We’re moving on today to speak about the ninth Law of Karma, the Law of Here and Now. This law talks about how “looking backward to examine what was prevents us from being totally in the HERE AND NOW.” I think that this is a particularly interesting law given the fact that I work so Read More