A Simple Day of Gratitude – July 20, 2011

When you are in service to others, you are doing some of your finest soul work. Service can look like so many things to so many people! Typically service is seen as the act of helping others in some respect. You can help one person or a group of people! If you choose to think Read More

Why Should You Honor Your Neighbor?

Honoring your neighbor. What does this expression truly mean? When you have the ability to honor your neighbor no matter what intentions they are bringing your way, it refers to the simple act of service you can do on a daily basis. To bring respect and honor to the man or woman on the street Read More

One Heart Helping Another Heart!

When you are in service to others, it speaks to one heart helping another heart. One soul touches another’s soul and from this joining comes much love and light. Serving others can be done in the simplest of ways. It’s as quick as posting “thinking of you and have a wonderful day” on someone’s Facebook Read More