What Is There To Celebrate?

Celebration! Is it something to wait for until something huge happens in your life, or is it something that can be practiced on a daily basis? Of course as anyone that is on the spiritual road knows, celebration is to be done on a daily basis. The practice of celebrating the sun rising each day, Read More

Four Reasons to Open Your Throat Chakra

What does speaking from your throat chakra mean? It means that when you speak the truth…YOUR truth of what you want and need and feel, you are setting the intention to do your finest work in this lifetime. Setting your intention is crucial to manifest that which you know to be the truth. It is Read More

Does Money Buy Happiness?

For most people they end up thinking of joy as not being associated with abundance. Remember the saying, “money can’t buy happiness?” However, money is used in our society as a symbol to gain financial freedom. With enough money, worries are eliminated on a day-to-day basis because there is enough to cover the bills, put Read More

What Is Grace?

When there is grace in your life then options become available that weren’t there before. You might wonder, what is spiritual grace? Grace is the act of accepting that which you did not expect. Once you accept it and move on, then other possibilities open up to you. Spiritual grace is truly a gift from Read More