How To Know If You’re Doing Your Soul’s Work

How is one to trust that the human soul is doing its work in this lifetime? What if you don’t have certain awareness? Does this mean that nothing is being worked on? Do you ever feel like you might be missing some of the lessons you’re supposed to working on? Well it turns out that Read More

Tapping Into Your Subconscious

How do you address issues that sit way back in your subconscious, if you’re not even aware that they’re there and becoming the source of your discontent? When you allow yourself to journal without an agenda, it brings the subconscious forth to let you to see what you need to. This would also include meditating Read More

My Messages From Spirit For You!

Are you feeling more joy as you acquire the necessary pieces to accomplish your soul’s purpose? If the only purpose your soul has is to become one with God, source, or whatever higher power you acknowledge and give thanks to, then you know you are on your journey. If you are still unsure about how Read More

Life’s Journey

The journey one must take in life is filled with potential obstacles as well as possibilities. One may not even see them as obstacles but only feel the potential that is being presented to them. Often times, there is karma associated with what is presented. Perhaps if you were merely to observe all that comes Read More

Finding Your Purpose In Life

Following through with that which was intended for you to do is the quintessential piece of actually doing your soul’s work. Many of you ask, “What if I haven’t figured out my purpose in life yet?” That’s where you need to hear this. You don’t have to figure out your soul’s purpose first to actively Read More

What Is Tolerance?

Having tolerance for the others that are trying to meet their needs brings further growth to your soul. Everyone is trying to do their best, and this means that they sometimes do and say hurtful things to make themselves feel better. It is not being done out of malevolence. It is simply being done so Read More

What Are Your Gifts?

What is it about the thought of not believing you can accomplish something that enters our brains? Where do these thoughts come from? Is it just old messages you’ve heard somewhere in your past? Perhaps it’s from the present. Are there non-supportive people in your life that send you these messages? Well it could be Read More

Can You See The Light?

Coming out of the darkness is difficult for many. There must be a willingness to see the light. You might wonder, “what is the darkness?” Darkness is when people bury their true feelings and their authentic voice under the disguise of being happy. For many, they feel if they actually acknowledge their true feelings and Read More