Important Life Lessons…Do You Know Them?

Watching the faces of young children is a joy. They are fully engaged in the moment without a care for the future or the past. These are life lessons presented right in front of us. For many, the reminder is on a daily basis. Most young children have not LEARNED to worry unless there is Read More

The Soul At Work

Helping to guide others to their own individual place of peace is something that anyone can assist another to do. It is in this act of assistance that awareness comes forth on what the journey really is about in this lifetime. Is it in everyone’s nature to give help to those in need? While it Read More

Sadness And Joy

It is only until you have experienced sadness that you are able to appreciate the feeling of joy. It is the yin and yang, the black and the white, the ups and downs of the human condition that make us feel the pain and pleasure of such emotions. If you were to have known joy Read More

Knowing Your Purpose

Knowing what you are capable of gives more motivation and drive to figuring out the last piece that will make all come to fruition. Once you are truly aware of what the universe has out there waiting for you to partake of, the faster your journey will be. You are now on a path of Read More

Giving Thanks

The message for you this day is one of gratitude. Giving thanks allows your soul to grow and flourish. It is the act of thankfulness that allows us to do spirits work. When we are in awareness, we can clearly see all that there is to be thankful for. It is when we are unclear Read More