How Do You Access Love and Joy?

Love and joy are often connected when people speak about them. It is so very simple, is it not? When there is love, there is joy. Whenever you are looking to create more joy in your life, you only have to put out energy in the feeling of love and joy becomes the by-product. How Read More

How Each Person Can Be A Spiritual Leader

When you are serving, you are doing your soul’s work. When you look at those figures historically that are revered, it is because of the work they have contributed to mankind. Between their guidance, messages of love and compassion, and their service to man they have been revered and some even elevated to a saint Read More

How To Love Unconditionally

Loving others unconditionally is the lesson for this lifetime in so many ways. Having the ability to give unconditional love to those who we feel have wronged us or to those we perhaps think are undeserving only brings unrest within you. It becomes a piece within you that feels unsettled, uncomfortable, not at ease, and Read More

Expressing Love

The messages for you this day are ones of love. Love fills the heart, the body and the soul. When love is literally in the air, there is an energy that surrounds you. Such energy is easily imitated by others. It is the same as when you smile at someone passing by and their instinct Read More

Raising Your Vibration!

The light is streaming in through the stain-glassed windows. Prisms of gold, blues and purples color the air as if suspended by invisible threads. Seeing these beautiful prisms of lights reaffirms the presence of spirit. Such gifts of beauty and light can only be given in love, and it is in this love that peace Read More

Peace On Earth

The word for the day, the week, and this next year is Love. When there is love, then the world can breathe more easily. There is less stress and more peace. Such peaceful feelings can only come about when the people of the world are ready to lay down their differences and love unconditionally. Recognizing Read More

Learn To Love Yourself

The message for you this day is to love others as you love yourself. It has been said many times before, but there is so much truth behind that statement. Is it possible to love others if you don’t love yourself? I don’t think it’s possible. If you still harbor critical or unkind thoughts towards Read More

Law Of Attraction

The messages for you this day are ones of service. You are serving others in terms of their needs, and as a result they are serving yours. It is how the law of attraction works. As you place energy in other people and their work, it will be returned to you tenfold. Placing yourself outside Read More