Do You Have The Ability To “Go Within?”

How does one learn which path they should follow in life? Which direction is the right one to follow? Which road will lead to the fruition of your dreams where you will absolutely know that you are fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime? As a therapist and life coach for the past 30 years, this Read More

How To Sing Your Song Once Again!

There is a song alive within you. It speaks of joy, love and happiness. When you are in a joyful state, it can be heard clearly by others. When sadness or difficult times are present, there is only quiet. The notes and words of your song become muted as if you paused it for some Read More

What is the Secret of Attraction?

When you are in the mode of attracting the right spiritual energy to your path, it is as if the stars are in perfect alignment for it to happen. How can you help this process to take place? As you are putting singular vibrations out to the universe, you will begin attracting multiples of similar Read More

It’s Time to Open the Door!

How can you access that which you don’t even know you need? It is when you are experiencing some of your most difficult times that it is the perfect moment to remember to trust. Trust in the situations and the people surrounding them to know this is your opportunity for extensive soul growth. These will Read More

How to Stop Playing the “What If” Game

Choosing the path that you need to travel down can feel difficult to many. We are always leaping ahead to the future. “If I go down this particular path, how will it feel? Will I really be happy on that journey? What if I go down this side of the path? Will that be better Read More

Learn Here How To Resonate To Your Highest Good!

Learning what makes your body, mind and soul resonate to their highest good is a soul lesson in this lifetime. When all of the cells in your body are in concert one with another, then the music that is played becomes one of health, healing, love, completeness, gratitude and joy. Putting all of these pieces Read More

Is Time Really On Your Side?

What does the expression “having the luxury of time” actually mean? Does it mean you can take as long as you wish to accomplish anything you need to in life? Or does it mean there isn’t any real urgency because you have plenty of time left for anything you need to do? I believe the Read More

Receiving Gifts

The messages for you this day are ones of receiving. Receiving is an action word. When your hands are cupped, they are ready to receive. When they are placed together with fingers entwined, they are in a prayer mode. Praying to receive is fine. Many are told from early on that they shouldn’t ask for Read More

What Is Grace?

When there is grace in your life then options become available that weren’t there before. You might wonder, what is spiritual grace? Grace is the act of accepting that which you did not expect. Once you accept it and move on, then other possibilities open up to you. Spiritual grace is truly a gift from Read More