Three Steps to Accomplish Mind, Body and Soul Work!

“Journey to the part of the world where the land meets the water, and see the magic that can happen.” What does this mean? It was a message I received from my daily meditation. I believe it means this. If you allow your physical body to travel to wherever, your spirit will create the mystical Read More

Silence Meditation

Silence Meditation is yet another different technique to help you “go within.” Until you are in a space of silence, your subconscious cannot be heard. It is truly that simple. When there is noise from people, places or things, your conscious mind gravitates to it and latches on to it using much of your mental Read More

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation has been written about quite often in my field. I’ve recently read many journals and articles in the field of psychology that speak to this as a healing tool they are now using with clients. You might have also heard it as “insight meditation,” but they are one and the same. It is Read More

What Changes When You Meditate?

Since “change” is part of the theme for this month and meditation is one of the most popular topics to my subscribers, I thought I’d put the two together and list the incredible changes that have been documented on the benefits of meditation. If you missed my 10-part series on all of the different types of Read More

Some Favorite Meditation Techniques

I have written previous posts on very specific types of meditations such as mindfulness, compassion and silence meditations. One may resonate more with your body, mind and spirit than another. In this post I’ve described briefly some additional techniques you can try in order to be at your peaceful place. Being at peace is the Read More

How To Get Good Karma

When you hear the word karma, do you thing of something bad or good? It seems like the very word immediately conjures up mixed feelings for many folks. For some, they immediately think of something good coming to them. For others, they think of a price they are going to have to pay. Why is Read More

What Is Rebirth?

Having celebrated the rebirth of Easter a week ago, I began to think of all the areas in life we can actually give birth to once again. Since the very meaning of the word rebirth means to begin life anew again or to regenerate something that has died or has been destroyed, what can this Read More

Going Through Difficult Times

Light is the expression of gratitude. Where there is thankfulness, there becomes light. How does this work exactly? It works by expressing an attitude or an aura of gratitude and this sends beams of vibrations straight to source. What results is an abundance of light that drops straight down through you to provide clarity for Read More

The Thought That Changed My Life Forever

The Thought That Changed My Life Forever Awareness is your body, mind and soul being in tune with the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that will lead you to find your highest self. It is when you are following your divine path that everything about it becomes so very easy. I can take myself as an Read More

Do You Know How to Connect With Spirit?

I am frequently asked, “How can I connect with spirit and what does that even mean?” The word spirit means many things. People speak about it in the sense that it is about somebody’s will or their enthusiasm for living. When I use the word spirit, it is referring to something or somebody that is Read More