Do Miracles Exist?

Miracles! Are they possible? Do they really exist? I feel that miracles happen each and every day of our lives. It is only when you are seeing things clearly that you can recognize them for what they are. Miracles come in so many different forms. They may take the shape of the perfect person destined Read More

Helping Souls

The forest of trees stands before you. It is magnificent in appearance yet gently comforting. The deepened greens, yellows, and reds of their leaves signify where each one is at in its own place. The smaller saplings have a vibrant lighter green appearance while the larger oaks spread their limbs to shield them from nature’s Read More


One of the greatest gifts that have been given to us is the gift of breathing. It is a bodily function that we take for granted as we go about our day-to-day life. It is only until we have something wrong that we remember to give thanks for this gift. If we get a cold Read More

Meet Best-Selling Author Lorna Bryne next Wednesday!

I would love to give you a little preview of my guest for next week’s blog talk radio show, Lorna Byrne. She recently wrote Angels in My Hair, her life story of the lessons learned from God’s wisdom and her angels’ guidance, which has become a blockbuster hit in her native land of Ireland – Read More

You Are The Miracle

Miracles can be created when the spirit is willing and able to help. Often times, we are unsure of how long to wait for a miracle to happen in our lives. We pray about it, we meditate on it, and we look to the heavens for answers. There is silence. We wonder “have I been Read More