How To Get Good Karma

When you hear the word karma, do you thing of something bad or good? It seems like the very word immediately conjures up mixed feelings for many folks. For some, they immediately think of something good coming to them. For others, they think of a price they are going to have to pay. Why is Read More

Words To Inspire!

Can you really be inspired? What changes actually occur in your brain when you read words of inspiration? How can reading words such as joy, beauty, gratitude, peace and love actually change anything in your body, mind and soul? Neuroscientists say that reading these words actually redirect your neural pathways to create synapses of positive Read More

Do You Have The Ability To “Go Within?”

How does one learn which path they should follow in life? Which direction is the right one to follow? Which road will lead to the fruition of your dreams where you will absolutely know that you are fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime? As a therapist and life coach for the past 30 years, this Read More

Thank You For Listening!

There’s an inner voice guiding you to where you need to be, who you need to speak with, and showing you what you need to do. Sometimes your inner voice is heard and other times it becomes covered up by the noise of the outside world. You inner voice needs a quiet space to be Read More

Does Money Buy Happiness?

For most people they end up thinking of joy as not being associated with abundance. Remember the saying, “money can’t buy happiness?” However, money is used in our society as a symbol to gain financial freedom. With enough money, worries are eliminated on a day-to-day basis because there is enough to cover the bills, put Read More

The Gift Of Abundance

Abundance is a funny word. Some people may focus on wanting much abundance to pour into their lives while others think it is not right to ask for this gift. However, abundance is just like anything else in our life. If we want to manifest this gift, then we must do the same things with Read More

The Window Of Your Soul

Looking inside the window of your soul is an interesting exercise to do. You might wonder, “How does one do such a thing?” To look inside of your soul, you must be in a tranquil and peaceful environment. It is this setting that invites the soul to come forward. If there is angst, anger or Read More

Where Can Spirit Be Felt?

The message for you this day is one of spirit. Spirit is with you night and day. It can be seen in the smile of the passing stranger that is met that day. It is felt in the warmth of the sunlight dappling its sunbeams through the branches of the trees to warm your bare Read More

Why Should You Be Persistant?

The message for you this day is one of persistence. Persistence can be seen as a less then likely virtue to have, or it may be seen as that which you are blessed with as it allows you to follow your heart, dreams, and passion. It is a core characteristic that is owned by many Read More


The mountains are enveloped in a softness of mist, puffy clouds, and shadows from the trees which grace the mountain paths. As you gaze upon this peaceful scene your soul is reawakened to the memory of coming out of the darkness to see clearly in the light of dawn. This reawakening is a process of Read More