What Is The Meaning Of Abundance?

Are you still searching for abundance? Some people feel as if they are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow their whole life. They try this career path or get advanced degrees in new areas and still feel it is never enough. Or they feel they’ll have to work until Read More

How To Sing Your Song Once Again!

There is a song alive within you. It speaks of joy, love and happiness. When you are in a joyful state, it can be heard clearly by others. When sadness or difficult times are present, there is only quiet. The notes and words of your song become muted as if you paused it for some Read More

How Being in Harmony Helps You Connect With Spirit

Harmony by definition usually speaks to a pleasing arrangement or combination of musical notes. However, it also reflects a pleasing effect that is produced by an arrangement of things, parts or colors. I see all of these definitions speaking to spirit. When there is harmony, there is great joy. Think of listening to your favorite Read More

Truly Finding Peace!

Peace. How can one access it in the most expedient way? That kind of sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? How can you be on the search for peace quickly? When I think of being in a peaceful state, I think of slowing down. I envision sitting on a bench someplace out in nature with Read More

Finding Support!

You have support wherever it is you choose to have it. Support may come in human form, spirit, or in the gifts from nature that bring us peace. Any one of these support systems will bring joy and peace to us when we need it. At times, people hesitate to ask for support. They instead Read More

Receiving Gifts

The messages for you this day are ones of receiving. Receiving is an action word. When your hands are cupped, they are ready to receive. When they are placed together with fingers entwined, they are in a prayer mode. Praying to receive is fine. Many are told from early on that they shouldn’t ask for Read More

Helping Souls

The forest of trees stands before you. It is magnificent in appearance yet gently comforting. The deepened greens, yellows, and reds of their leaves signify where each one is at in its own place. The smaller saplings have a vibrant lighter green appearance while the larger oaks spread their limbs to shield them from nature’s Read More

Unconditional Gift

It is as if the heavens have been called down to grace our wonderful earth. Rising at dawn to watch the sun begin its magical birth in the silence and peacefulness of the early morning brings a feeling of contentment that soothes your soul. High atop the mountain and peering out into the break of Read More

Hearing Your Messages In The Silence

The sun is setting. It weeps not. There are no tears for the sun that sets each day, only joy. As the light becomes less and less and the darkness begins to unfold, there is anticipation felt in the coolness of the evening air. Nocturnal creatures are beginning to stir. Their sounds are somewhat muted Read More

Take The Easiest Path!

Bubbling over the mountaintop is a tiny stream of water that has found its way to the top of the mountain from the reservoir deep below. Its enthusiasm and clarity is seen in the frothing cold water that is so transparent that one can easily find all of the rock lying underneath to support the Read More