How to Access Healing Light

Lately, have you felt that you’ve been sinking down into a space that feels tight and uncomfortable? This may be happening because you’re not where you want to be physically, emotionally or spiritually. How can you open yourself up to the light that can pour in from above and create healing and peace in all Read More

Letting Go of Ego!

Taking comfort in the activities and life you are leading will give your soul much joy. For it is when you are in your zone of feeling at ease and happiness that your soul is released to do its best work. Once your soul is allowed to fly, the possibilities are endless. New ideas emerge Read More

How To Find Peace In Your Life

Peace can be accessed many different ways. There is a peacefulness that is always in our deepest recesses that calls out to be noticed. But too often, sadness, grief, confusion, and ego get in its path. You might wonder, “How can ego get in the path of peacefulness?” Ego is the state where it must Read More

How Can You Spread Goodness?

The message for you this day is one of goodness. Goodness is in your heart. You were born with this wonderful quality that was meant to be shared with the world. As you reach a greater place of peace in your life, this goodness will be spread to more and more people that you will Read More

How To Make Good Choices

What choices are you making that will provide the best outcome for you? Are they choices that affect just you or others in your life? Depending upon the nature of your choices, it is first imperative that you sit down in a quiet space and reflect on what it is that you wish to have Read More

Four Easy Steps To Handle Distractions In Your Life

Distractions. Why are they placed in your lives? Is it to alleviate the angst or pain you are perhaps feeling at the time? Is it used as a way for you to feel in control of something else that is more tangible or concrete? There are many reasons people will distract themselves. First and foremost Read More

Pearls of Wisdom

It was thought by some in ancient Greece that the wisest and most learned of philosophers and teachers came from those of the elite. If those lessons were to stay true today then would we learn the most from the richest among us? But as in ancient Greece and in our lives today, we have Read More

Is Time Really On Your Side?

What does the expression “having the luxury of time” actually mean? Does it mean you can take as long as you wish to accomplish anything you need to in life? Or does it mean there isn’t any real urgency because you have plenty of time left for anything you need to do? I believe the Read More

How Do You Find Peace?

Can peace be accessed through joy and vice versa? If you think about this for a minute, it becomes clear that when you are in a joyful state, there are no feelings of angst or upset. As a by-product, the only thing you can feel is that of being in a peaceful nature. When you Read More

How Do You Live From Your Highest Good?

Operating from your highest good is a wonderful rule of thumb for practicing how you live your life. It is when you choose to operate from some other place that problems occur. Why is it that you don’t come from your highest good at all times? It is the human within you that can easily Read More