Three Steps to Accomplish Mind, Body and Soul Work!

“Journey to the part of the world where the land meets the water, and see the magic that can happen.” What does this mean? It was a message I received from my daily meditation. I believe it means this. If you allow your physical body to travel to wherever, your spirit will create the mystical Read More

How To Know If You’re Doing Your Soul’s Work

How is one to trust that the human soul is doing its work in this lifetime? What if you don’t have certain awareness? Does this mean that nothing is being worked on? Do you ever feel like you might be missing some of the lessons you’re supposed to working on? Well it turns out that Read More

Connect With Spirit!

Spirit is with you, near you, within you and ever present in your life. At times you may seem to lose touch or become distracted by the human side of your life. Once you become in tune and connect with spirit on a daily basis, the abundance of joy that fills every cell of your Read More

How to Handle Life’s Disruptions and Stay at Peace!

Once you are on the road to peace and tranquility, what do you do when the normal disruptions of life come along? Being in this most human of lifetimes we must make adjustments constantly for the situations and things that present themselves almost daily. Keeping in perspective that they are only there for the purpose Read More

Energy Shift!

Having knowledge of certain information, relationships and worldly things gives you a feeling of having control in your life. It is when you feel certain knowledge is missing that it becomes the most challenging for you to deal with life. For instance, if you’re missing a key element of where to go next with your Read More

Finding Peace Today

Peace, love and security come to those that are looking for it. One must be looking for peacefulness in order for it to appear in front of them. There are many avenues to peace and simply asking for it is one way to achieve it. Peace is an intangible concept. There is nothing to be Read More