Highlights From My Interview On Past-Life Regression Cases

It was wonderful having two people that I love, respect, and have known for a long time on my radio show when I hosted it several years ago! I have a lot of respect for those people that are willing to tell their story so they may help others. Leslie started the hour. Even though Read More

Tip #9 To Create Change: Good Feeling Words!

On my last post I spoke about the specific technique for effective communication. It is one of the top 10 tools that can help you welcome change to your life! This next technique is to change the feeling words you express to grab the attention of those people you want to really hear what you’re Read More

Spiritual Help

Having an abundance of love and spirit in your relationships is crucial to a strong partnership. Love is the foundation of the relationship. Spirit is there to be called upon when all of the daily intrusions enter into the relationship that can present a challenge! These intrusions may be work, financial issues, parenting disagreements, sex, Read More

Communication Barriers!

Communication is the No. 1 issue that all couples seek counseling for as well as individuals that need coaching in relationship building. Miscommunication frequently occurs on a daily basis. What makes the art of communication so difficult? Why are some things tough to put into words and just say your true feelings? The No. 1 Read More