What Is Soul Growth?

This was a question I answered on one of my videos in the “Ask Petey” video series. It was sent in by a young woman named Jan who feels called to do this work but would like more clarity on it! I love answering this question since it is truly the heart and core of the Read More


The messages for you this day are ones of compassion. Why is compassion so difficult to find at times? When we are presented with people that are difficult or situations that are less than desirable, our ego usually steps to the forefront. We tend to think that it’s all about us. Somehow we internalized that Read More

Why Don't People Feel Good About Themselves?

The message for you this day is one of goodness. Goodness can be measured in acts, deeds, or words. The more you do these acts or say these words, the more goodness you are said to have. How true is that? I think that goodness is measured by how a person feels about themselves. The Read More