How Do You Know The Truth?

The writing for today is one of truth. Truth is that which you know in your heart and soul, yet you still have difficulty following. This is the human condition that makes it so difficult and challenging to trust your instincts. This human life is filled with distrust and questioning. As soon as one thought Read More

Who Is YOUR Family?

Family is that piece of you that when all else feels as if it’s failing, they rise to the occasion. Even when times are difficult family can end up coming through in the most remarkable of ways. Sometimes it is not even your family of origin. It may become the family you have nestled around Read More

What Is Your Vision?

You are now achieving greater and greater clarity for the vision of what your life could look like in the near future. It is a vision filled with endless possibilities and much joy. It enfolds some of your past dreams, present wants and needs, as well as your future purpose. All of this has become Read More

How To Love Unconditionally

Loving others unconditionally is the lesson for this lifetime in so many ways. Having the ability to give unconditional love to those who we feel have wronged us or to those we perhaps think are undeserving only brings unrest within you. It becomes a piece within you that feels unsettled, uncomfortable, not at ease, and Read More

A Chance Meeting?

The messages for you this day are ones of knowing. Having a sense of what needs to take place to have spirit flowing through your life is essential for finding your passion and that which will fulfill your dreams. As others come and go from your life, it is interesting to observe those that are Read More

Attitude Of Gratitude

The messages for you this day are ones of gratitude. You are grateful for all that spirit has placed in your life. Such gratefulness in return is acknowledged by spirit back. Gratitude from spirit shows up as many things in your life. It shows up as people appearing in your life by chance, but always Read More

Is There Life After Death?

The messages for you this day are ones of life and death. Life is the soul living to its capacity. It is living and growing, thinking and doing. When the soul is not able to do that anymore, then it is time for death. Death is nothing more than a word that has been given Read More

Helping Souls

The forest of trees stands before you. It is magnificent in appearance yet gently comforting. The deepened greens, yellows, and reds of their leaves signify where each one is at in its own place. The smaller saplings have a vibrant lighter green appearance while the larger oaks spread their limbs to shield them from nature’s Read More

The Greatest Gifts Of All!

Tolerance, compassion and love. These are the greatest gifts to give to yourself in 2011. There is no greater gift than this one. When you have tolerance for yourself, you allow your human side to do what it needs to do in this lifetime. It needs to make mistakes, walk down some wrong paths, and Read More

The Gift Of Abundance

Abundance is a funny word. Some people may focus on wanting much abundance to pour into their lives while others think it is not right to ask for this gift. However, abundance is just like anything else in our life. If we want to manifest this gift, then we must do the same things with Read More