What is Spiritual Healing?

 What is spiritual healing? This is a question I’m often asked in my practice. Many people set up coaching or therapy sessions because something is troubling them or they feel a piece of their life just doesn’t fit right. Sometimes they know exactly what it is! It may be an issue with their relationship or Read More

Do You Know Your Purpose In Life?

Rejoicing in the plan that was made for you when you were born is a testimony to the trust and inner guidance you have on your journey in this lifetime. Even when there is disharmony or when your path looks unclear, having faith in the ultimate outcome is the path you wish to travel. Your Read More

Similar Paths

The journey is shown to us through bridges built by man and nature as well to lead us through new pathways that will become soul answers. Some of the bridges are covered while others are not. Yet the excitement you feel when you step upon that which can connect you with your answers beckons you Read More