Infinite Meanings Of Love?

Love seems to be such a simple word, yet it is layered with infinite meanings. When you say you love someone you are giving your relationship a deeper significance. It is one of a very special caring nature where your hearts feel joined as one. When you speak of love on a spirit level, you Read More

The Meaning Of Love

Love sends beams of light to all who choose to receive it. Love is felt in your heart, seen in the sparkle of your eyes, and shown by your gentle touch. When love is in the space that occupies you and another, there is warmth and the presence of spirit. Love is actually defined as Read More

Spiritual Help

Having an abundance of love and spirit in your relationships is crucial to a strong partnership. Love is the foundation of the relationship. Spirit is there to be called upon when all of the daily intrusions enter into the relationship that can present a challenge! These intrusions may be work, financial issues, parenting disagreements, sex, Read More