Three Steps to Accomplish Mind, Body and Soul Work!

“Journey to the part of the world where the land meets the water, and see the magic that can happen.” What does this mean? It was a message I received from my daily meditation. I believe it means this. If you allow your physical body to travel to wherever, your spirit will create the mystical Read More

Feed Your Soul

Do you know what feeds your soul? I ask this question because it is so abundantly clear these days where my soul is fed. If you’ve noticed lately, I’ve been posting more beach pictures on my facebook fanpage along with the daily musing. I’ve been staying at our beach condo more frequently because we are Read More

The Secret Of Becoming a Conscious Entrepreneur

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur or know someone who is a conscious entrepreneur I am thrilled to share a special book that anyone who is ready to increase their commitment to running a conscious business should read. This is a book sure to transform how people around the globe conduct business.  It’s no longer business Read More