Teaching Tolerance!

Having tolerance for the human qualities of others is part of your soul lessons. We must have tolerance for those that are too needy, irritable, angry and only focused on their own problems. You need to gently remind yourself that they are coming from their own “stuff.” It doesn’t mean though that you still can’t Read More

What Is Tolerance…And Why Can It Feel So Difficult?

When tolerance is in your life everything is maintained and accomplished much more easily. There is flow of movement to your life’s plan and nothing inhibiting what needs to be done in order for you to live out your destiny. Tolerance is necessary to release judgment, criticism and angst. Tolerance puts your body in an Read More

The Greatest Gifts Of All!

Tolerance, compassion and love. These are the greatest gifts to give to yourself in 2011. There is no greater gift than this one. When you have tolerance for yourself, you allow your human side to do what it needs to do in this lifetime. It needs to make mistakes, walk down some wrong paths, and Read More