What Is Soul Growth?

This was a question I answered on one of my videos in the “Ask Petey” video series. It was sent in by a young woman named Jan who feels called to do this work but would like more clarity on it! I love answering this question since it is truly the heart and core of the Read More

What is Your Passion in Life?

What is passion? Is it something that can be truly obtained in this most human of lifetimes, or is it something that is reserved for another time and space when your soul has crossed over into the next dimension? Passion is that piece of your heart and soul that resonates with the highest of vibrations Read More

Are You Ready For Change?

Scanning the horizons for new beginnings and opportunities can be the cornerstone for change to occur in your life. When you are actively looking and seeking to create change, it becomes the message for your mind and body to start producing new pathways in your brain for a new way of thinking, doing and being. Read More

How Do You Create Your Vision?

Having awareness for what you want, how it will look, and what details you can see played out before you is what brings your vision in view. As you see clearly, it becomes more defined, brighter, and feels real as your unconscious actually begins to manifest the reality of the vision statement that you have Read More