What Does Trust Mean?

What is the literal meaning of the word “trust?” Webster defines it in several ways: “Confidence in and reliance on good qualities, especially, fairness, truth, honor or ability; responsibility for taking good care of somebody or something; the position of somebody who is expected by others to behave responsibly or honorably; somebody who or something Read More

Let The Truth Be Known

Truth must be known in order for people’s souls to be more at peace. When the truth of what happens when a soul leaves its present body is known, it allows those that are reading the message to be at peace. Often times it is the unknown that creates the fear. The imagination or the Read More

What Is The Light?

What is this light that everyone refers to? The very definition of the word light is that which illuminates something, an energy that produces a sensation of brightness that makes seeing possible! What is it that you wish to have illuminated? What is it that your soul needs to see? What can you see with Read More

How Do You Know The Truth?

The writing for today is one of truth. Truth is that which you know in your heart and soul, yet you still have difficulty following. This is the human condition that makes it so difficult and challenging to trust your instincts. This human life is filled with distrust and questioning. As soon as one thought Read More

I Have Become A Lightworker…..Here’s Why!

The topic for today that came to me in meditation is one of love and light. Why is that expression used so frequently by lightworkers? You might not know what a lightworker is. Goggle has a few definitions. One is “A person driven and motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, Read More

Accessing Your Truth

Following the truth becomes a metaphor for listening to what is inside your soul that is waiting to be heard. The wisdom of the ages is in every cell of your body. Listening to your own cell memories becomes an exercise that you can do each time you sit down and meditate. Meditation is the Read More