Why Must You Notice Joy?

Joy is in the heart and eye of the beholder. When joyful moments or people present themselves to you, it is necessary to recognize them. Often times, they go unrecognized and become discounted in your experiences. Seeing and validating each joyful moment, whether it is as small as noticing the first beautiful blossom of spring Read More

Let Your Light Shine Through!

The message for you this day is allowing your light to shine through. Your light or spirit can be seen by others when it’s not being bogged down by darkness. Darkness comes when negative emotions fill your body, mind or soul. These emotions come from not being able to deal with them in a productive Read More

The First Step

Spirituality is found in the hearts of those that are looking to give back. When there is a natural inclination to want to help others, your spirit hears its call and opens its door. Once the door has been opened, then the gift of insight, intuition, love and abundance begins to flow your way. Having Read More

The True Value Of Friendships!

Why can friendships feel so elusive even though it is a human need? We all have other human needs like shelter, food, water, and other such basic needs as noted on the first tier of Maslow’s hierarchy. We feel we have more control over getting these basic needs met, so it is not as intimating Read More

How Do You Find Balance In Your Life?

Let’s first start out with understanding the definition of balance. According to Webster, there are 11 definitions. We’ll take the one that defines balance as “being in a state of emotional and mental stability in which somebody is calm and able to make rational decisions and judgments.” How do we achieve that emotional and mental Read More

How Do You Keep Your Spirit Unencumbered?

Having a freeness in your spirit is necessary for soul growth. As your spirit feels released from any negativity or darkness that may try to suppress it, it is allowed to soar unencumbered. There are many negative emotions that can try to rein in your spirit. It may be anger, trauma or severe stress. It Read More

Law Of Attraction

The messages for you this day are ones of service. You are serving others in terms of their needs, and as a result they are serving yours. It is how the law of attraction works. As you place energy in other people and their work, it will be returned to you tenfold. Placing yourself outside Read More

How Can You Find Peace And Tranquility In Your Life?

Peace and tranquility can be found by measuring the amount of words and phrases you use that create harmony for yourself and others. As you observe how often you are complimentary to others in a genuine way, how much you encourage others to do their finest work, and how often you are simply kind to Read More

How To Connect With Your Life’s Design!

The message for you this day is one of design. There is a design for your life that has been carefully crafted before you were born to bring growth to your soul in this lifetime. Some may call it a design, others may say blueprint, and some may call it your destiny. Any of these Read More

Where Can Spirit Be Heard?

Messages come in many packages. Messages from spirit are no different than any other message we receive daily. We choose to hear some of the messages and others we ignore, choose not to respond to, or we embrace them and look forward to the next and the next. Some choose to hear message from spirits Read More