Simply Love!

There are vibrations that are lifting and taking off around the world at a higher and more consistent speed. This vibration is bringing into alignment all of those ideas and thoughts that will join with spirit as you move forward into the next movement of time. We call this our calendar year. When multiples of Read More

What Is Your Vision?

You are now achieving greater and greater clarity for the vision of what your life could look like in the near future. It is a vision filled with endless possibilities and much joy. It enfolds some of your past dreams, present wants and needs, as well as your future purpose. All of this has become Read More

How Do You Create Your Vision?

Having awareness for what you want, how it will look, and what details you can see played out before you is what brings your vision in view. As you see clearly, it becomes more defined, brighter, and feels real as your unconscious actually begins to manifest the reality of the vision statement that you have Read More