Important Life Lessons…Do You Know Them?

Watching the faces of young children is a joy. They are fully engaged in the moment without a care for the future or the past. These are life lessons presented right in front of us. For many, the reminder is on a daily basis. Most young children have not LEARNED to worry unless there is Read More

The Path to Happiness

Feeling joy, seeing nature’s masterpieces, hearing the symphonies of the angels and being in touch with spirit are all the pieces to your happiness in this lifetime. The most wonderful thing about this is the ability to access this feeling from one of these venues or another. At times in life, you may only have the Read More

Pearls of Wisdom

It was thought by some in ancient Greece that the wisest and most learned of philosophers and teachers came from those of the elite. If those lessons were to stay true today then would we learn the most from the richest among us? But as in ancient Greece and in our lives today, we have Read More

Signs from Spirit Guides

You are so thankful for the abundance of messages you are receiving and finally taking note of them from so many different places. What was perhaps not even noticed by you before is suddenly becoming clear, almost at times as if it was a neon sign! This is spirit speaking directly to you. When your Read More

Words About Wisdom

Having the wisdom to access your divine guidance is a gift. How does one acquire this gift? Is it learned from watching those that you perhaps admired as you grew up? Is it something you can attain in a book or learn in school? Or is it perhaps as simple as something that you can Read More

Winding Down Your Path

The train tracks have been formed into circular pieces. They are being built to hug the edges of the mountain as they continue through man-made tunnels that extend into different parts of the country to connect thousands of people with its land. In the past, one did not think of tracks that could bend. They Read More

Helping Souls

The forest of trees stands before you. It is magnificent in appearance yet gently comforting. The deepened greens, yellows, and reds of their leaves signify where each one is at in its own place. The smaller saplings have a vibrant lighter green appearance while the larger oaks spread their limbs to shield them from nature’s Read More

Raising Your Vibration!

The light is streaming in through the stain-glassed windows. Prisms of gold, blues and purples color the air as if suspended by invisible threads. Seeing these beautiful prisms of lights reaffirms the presence of spirit. Such gifts of beauty and light can only be given in love, and it is in this love that peace Read More