Promoting World Peace

There is a calling for the world to be at peace and stand in harmony shoulder to shoulder in this place we call life. If each of us were to do our part and make it our personal mission to join with others to be at a peaceful place, there would eventually be harmony felt Read More

Highlights From My Interview With Charlotte Shelton, CEO and President of Unity

I had the blessing and honor on Wednesday to interview Charlotte Shelton, President of Unity. What can I say about this gracious, thoughtful, soul-directed, and charming woman? Here are some of the highlights from my show. Charlotte began the show by sharing the many wonderful attributes of Unity Village. Silent Unity receives more than 2 Read More

Coming Soon! Charlotte Shelton, CEO and President of Unity!

I’m thrilled to announce that I have Charlotte Shelton, CEO and President of Unity, as my guest next Wednesday on my blogtalkradio show! She has graciously taken the time to come on my show and have some wonderful discussions about spirituality in our world today. Charlotte has served as the president and CEO of Unity Read More

Highlights From My Interview With Lorna Byrne

One of my blessings in this lifetime was interviewing Lorna Bryne this past Wednesday on my radio show. I have read various books about angels, but I learned new information after reading Lorna’s book, Angels In My Hair, and listening to her answer some detailed questions about the role angels play in our lives. I Read More

Francois Lange….Ambassador for Peace, Loving Son, Wonderful Friend, Artist, Disney Animator, Author and Illustrator

Francois, when I sat next you at lunch at Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Weekend last June I knew we had a special connection. Our energies and hearts held the same space. Did you know at that time that we would develop such a close friendship? Immediately, it felt like we had known each other for Read More