Using the cognitive-behavioral approach, I teach you that thought creates behavior. I help you recognize negative self-talk and to reframe it so that you connect to more satisfying outcomes in your life. We explore family-of-origin issues using family systems techniques. I try to understand patterns of recurrent behavior you’ve observed within your family to provide clarity as to why you’re currently going through your own levels of distress.

Counseling Testimonials

“I am a married, 40 year-old female, mother of two small children. My first experience with counseling came when I was 19 years old. My parents were divorcing after 32 years of marriage and my parents felt I was in need of some serious guidance. I went to get help to learn how to deal with the dissolution of my family, as I knew it, and walked away with life skills that transcended every area of my life. Over the course of my adult life I have returned to Petey during various milestones. My husband and I participated in couples counseling after getting married to learn how to meld two lives together and returned after the birth of our children. The communication skills and life skills we have learned have made us better marriage partners, friends and parents. The benefits far transcend just the two of us. I remember thinking I was going to counseling to help me with a “situation”. I now know I’ve gone to counseling to enhance my life and the lives of the ones I love. I am forever grateful to Petey Silveria for choosing to use her God-given talents to help me become the person I am now. I wouldn’t change a thing and I don’t know how many people can say that.”

-Michele McCullough, Casselberry, Fl

“We are a married couple that has worked with Petey during several periods in the life cycle of our long- term marriage. During the 25 years that we have known Petey Silviera she has been an incredible positive source of strength, fortitude, and understanding and has helped us through some extraordinary life cycle situations. We have worked with her as a couple and, on many occasions, for individual challenges. She has taught us invaluable techniques and helped us find our way through countless issues with our relationship with each other, our families and friends and career challenges. Her support and depth of understanding certainly contributed to our success both personally and in our careers. I can honestly say that her knowledge, understanding, patience and good humor have fostered and coached us through some tough times. Years would pass without any time together and yet she has always been there for us when we would need to re-connect. In recent years when were faced with a serious health crisis, Petey was there again for us to guide us through to a successful and thorough renewal and recovery to health. We can attribute the quality of our lives to the support and guidance of Petey.”

-Anonymous, Longwood, Fl

“I first began counseling with Petey against my will at the age of 15. My mother forced me to go to counseling due to my behaviors and my high level of anger which she could not understand. I was angry, rebellious, and rude and had no respect for authority or authority figures. I did not trust anyone, which I know made her job as my therapist very challenging. Petey was very patient, accepting and waited and worked with me until I was able to trust her enough to open up and share what was going on with me. From the age of 5 I had been sexually and physically abused by my biological father. I was unable to tell my mother what was happening because she was in an abusive marriage and unable to take care of herself, much less meet my needs emotionally and mentally. Petey accepted me for whom I was and did not force me to discuss the trauma I had endured until I was able. Looking back as an adult, I realize I have no idea how she managed to work with me. I did everything imaginable to push her away in at attempt to test her to see if she was trustworthy or if she would give up on me. Thankfully, she never did. There were times that it was so difficult for me to face my emotions that I would skip therapy so I wouldn’t have to feel what I was going through. Still, she never gave up on me. She would call me to make sure I was OK, and continued to work with me as her client. I know that I was an extremely challenging client, yet Petey continued to show me unconditional acceptance without judgment. Eventually I developed enough trust that I was able to be open with her without fear of rejection and was able to work through the trauma and pain I had endured. Petey worked with me and my family for years, never wavering in her efforts to help me move from being a victim to a survivor. Eventually the time came that it was time for me to graduate from counseling and face the world equipped with the skills Petey taught me during our counseling sessions. A few years later as I was graduating from college I decided that I wanted to go into the counseling profession based primarily on the relationship I had developed with Petey as a teenager. My desire was to help others who had been hurt be empowered to move forward with life like Petey had done with me. She encouraged me, telling me that she believed in me and that I would be a great therapist and even wrote a letter of recommendation for me to get into the Mental Health Counseling program. I graduated in 2006 and am now a Mental Health Counselor working with at risk children and their families. I believe that everything happens for a reason. That is why I strongly believe that Petey was meant to be my therapist. I know without her unconditional acceptance and respect, even when I may not have deserved it, allowed me to believe in myself and to overcome the battles I faced. It has been over 20 years since I first met Petey, yet everyday I think of her and all that she invested in me in order for me to become the person I am today. When I am working with clients, my goal is always for the client to have the same relationship with me that I believe I had with my therapist. I will never forget my counseling experience with her and am hopeful that one day I will be the lifeline for one of my clients that Petey was for me in the midst of my storms. Thank you Petey! Your efforts are not in vain!”

-Jennifer, Sanford, Fl