First Visit

Listed below are the questions clients want answered in the first counseling session.

“Can you help me feel better?”

You contacted me because you are experiencing some level of distress or pain. In the first two sessions, we will talk about your history, and I will learn what lies beneath the symptoms. At that point, most clients experience a shift from helplessness towards hope. They open up and talk freely, knowing their journey to healing has begun.

“How many sessions will it take for me to feel better?”

Counseling is not an exact science and depends upon the path the client chooses. If coaching is your focus, people typically sign up for four 35-minute phone sessions per month and may receive all the guidance and motivation they need in a three-month period.  Others like the accountability and inspiration coaching provides and choose to stay in touch for up to a year until they are launched fully into the goals that made them contact me initially.

Some come in to reduce anxiety for upcoming surgery which can take two-to-three sessions of hypnotherapy. Some couples have had marital issues for years and it may take six-to-twelve months of couple’s counseling to put them back on the road to harmony. I’ve had clients with histories of severe sexual abuse. Individual therapy may include traditional counseling, hypnotherapy, and thought field therapy. There have been clients that specifically wanted to know how they knew their spouse in a former lifetime. After one or two sessions of past-life regression, they have their answer.

“Can I have immediate relief?”

Yes. Many clients read Musings To Help The Soul Remember and use the metaphors as affirmations on a daily basis to provide immediate relief, inspiration and a peacefulness that flows through them as they work on their “stuff.” Everyday burdens seem to fall away bringing a sense of serenity and the big picture.