When the body begins to relax, the mind also relaxes. Through deep relaxation and hypnotherapy, answers emerge. I facilitate you through this journey by using specially designed music and a series of suggestions designed around metaphors to help you reach the REM (rapid eye movement) stage. You are still aware of everything around you, but you can obtain information from a part of the brain only accessed in the REM state of sleep. The process is fascinating, relaxing and informative. I’ve often had clients tell me that they have never accessed such a deep state of relaxation in their entire lives.

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

“My experiences from being hypnotized and learning self-hypnosis were so positive that I wish everyone could take advantage of these techniques with Petey Silveira.
Because of my upcoming hip replacement surgery, I wanted to be very calm, relaxed, minimize pain, and heal faster, It’s amazing how well my learning self-hypnosis worked!
I had no pain and healed so fast that my husband and friends could not believe it. It truly was hard to believe that having the ability to change my anxiety, pain level, and healing speed made the experience easy.
There are other ways that I now incorporate the techniques that I learned from Petey into my everyday life.
I am very grateful to Petey who has made a difference in my life. She was highly recommended to me and I have highly recommended her to others.”

-Dariel Jenkins, Windermere, Fl