Life Coach

Transformational Life Coach:

Many people decide to choose coaching as opposed to therapy. Instead of analyzing the past, we focus on the present. In this venue, I will not be your therapist. I will work with you to identify, set and meet your goals. In these turbulent economic times, there have been massive shifts that forced people to redefine their careers and lives. People experiencing these transitions then search for their passion. They are seeking to feel more connected, centered, personal satisfaction, and joy out of life. I will be the conduit from which you will connect to your heart’s desire, to your dreams, and to your life’s work. Each client is responsible for her own success. I provide the feedback, the blueprint and the possibilities. You must be willing to take the actions necessary to make it happen and execute it on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Together we will make an awesome team.

Coaching Testimonials

“You have helped me grow so incredibly in the time I have known you.  Assisted me in becoming a strong and independent woman who now knows exactly what she wants, and even though the road may be rocky at times, you have made it easier for me to see that nothing can hold me back except myself.  I truly understand now, life is a path with many turns and each turn has its’ own lesson to be taught.  With your coaching, I have come to look forward to each turn in the road, excited to learn what is around the next bend.”

-VB, Orlando, FL

“Life hits many bumps and turns in the road – whether concerns about school, jobs, family, friends, or heartaches. Petey has guided me throughout each transition, offering genuine support, motivation and inspiration over the years. She has the ability to reframe the worst situations into a positive light and allow you to see the big picture.”

– SB, Atlanta, GA