Past-Life Regression

I was trained in past-life regression therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters. This work takes place in hypnotherapy where the client goes back to a past life and speaks about his experiences in that lifetime. The theory of reincarnation is that the soul, upon the death of the body, comes back to earth in another body. Essentially, it is the belief that there is a rebirth of the soul in a new body. If negative events happened in a previous lifetime and left a harmful imprint on cell memories carried over into this lifetime, the event may have created symptoms that have clients seeking therapy today. I have written a book, Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime, about a former client who found healing using this method. Clients do not have to believe in past lives to achieve healing from this experience. Dr. Carl Jung teaches us about collective unconscious. He believes that each person can tap into their unconscious to access their stories as metaphors, and the metaphors will create healing for that person. I am able to guide clients through the dysfunction that took place and got stuck in their cell memories. Past-life regression work is a viable option even for clients who do not believe in past lives. The power of the process is you deciding whether or not this is an avenue of healing you want to explore.

Past-Life Regression Testimonials

“I have been interested in past lives for as long as I can remember. When my therapy seemed stalled and my reactions to a very deep emotional loss were in no way abating, Petey suggested I might want to try past life therapy. I jumped at the chance, as many years ago I had read the book Many Lives Many Masters and was totally fascinated. I wanted to explore the past.
My first journey was to a terrible life, as were all of the next 4 or 5 trips. Finally, we went to my happiest life and there I had a monumental breakthrough. I was married to my soul mate, the love of my life today, who had, unfortunately, committed suicide 5 yrs. earlier and for whom I could not get past the grief. Also, I had a daughter who was, in this life, my current man friend. My happy life brought great joy and ultimately many tears as my husband died early and I apparently grieved for the next 200 years. When it was time to jump to the resting place, I was asked if I was ready to forgive him for dying and 200 years later, I still said NO; very definitely and very definitely-NO.  We went back there again another day and I finally agreed to forgive my husband of 200 years ago for dying in a riding accident. The most interesting thing about his was my therapy journal. Prior to that seminal moment of forgiveness, my journal was filled with anger, hurt, recriminations and blame to myself for not seeing what was happening. After I forgave him, my journal was totally different. It no longer was filled with self-recrimination and anger but peace and sadness.
It was if a great weight had been lifted from my soul. There were so many other amazing experiences and they explained so much about how I felt about myself. Thank you.”

-Leslie Glogau, Altamonte Springs, FL

“For as long as I can remember I have wanted to learn and explore a past life regression.  I read several books from Brian Weiss, found a wonderful therapist I could trust and finally got the courage to book an appointment.  After two Past-life regressions, I must say that I wished I had done this a long time ago.

The memories and life scenes that present themselves during the past-life regressions are meant to heal and to move you beyond past memories, which can be happy or difficult.  With each session, I could immediately see correlations to issues with my marriage and/or other relationships.  Being guided and later discussing the events with Petey are another bonus.  Her healing voice, her impartial views and deep desire to discover your happiness is another rewarding gift.

I can’t wait to continue to explore more past-lives and to continue to develop the true, beautiful person that I can be.  I would highly recommend a past-life regression with Petey to anyone wanting to discover their true self. She has truly found her calling as a healer in this lifetime.” Carly, Longwood, Fl