Creating Healing through Mind, Body, Spirit

The Power of Your Mind

I’ve been in private practice for 34 years as a marriage and family therapist in Central Florida. My approach is layered: I have built on classical cognitive behavioral methodology to reach a soul level of healing in my clients, unlocking each individual’s cell memory imprints that they have carried forward from lifetime to lifetime.

Early in my career, I combined the traditional techniques and tools from my psychotherapeutic background as a licensed marriage and family therapist from the University of Virginia with the metaphysical teachings I learned at the Edgar Cayce Institute for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. I still employ many similar strategies to a traditional “talk therapist” while also providing laser-focused care that helps a client identify the homeostasis they are recreating as an adult and to establish new healthy, healing patterns.

When we learn to recognize and reframe negative self-talk, stimulate new thoughts by reading captivating books and listening to inspirational ideas music, and simply sit in quiet contemplation of our thoughts and feelings, we create the optimal environment for the mind to do its best work.

Healing Your Body

We all know that our emotional wellbeing is impacted by our physical wellbeing. I believe in holistic wellness and empower my clients to incorporate holistic health into their daily lives.

I found so much healing through my personal yoga practice that I studied to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher so that I could lead others through this healing practice. Because of my Kundalini yoga training certified by Yoga Alliance, I am able to give my clients prescriptive mantras, asana poses, and meditations that substantiate the work that they’re doing with soul lessons.

As a dōTERRA Pure Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, I access the power of the natural world through therapeutic grade essential oils. I especially love their emotional aromatherapy oils that actually correlate with your chakras. I prescribe specific oils for my clients to use as a tool at home to access the subconscious mind during their home work – what I call their “soul work.”

I am certified in neuro-linguistic programming to facilitate hypnotherapy and utilize age regression with clients to heal past traumas from their childhoods. I also lead my clients through deep guided meditations to relax the body and turn off the mind so that they can access their spirit guides.

Awakening Your Spirit

During the past 20 years I have honed my skills in this area and lead clients to doing healing spiritual work. This is done by guiding them between lifetimes through past-life regression, teaching them meditation techniques, and helping them to identify the spiritual teachings they planned when they came into this lifetime.

Becoming a past-life regression expert has been the single most transformational element of my career. 28 years ago, I traveled to Miami and trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, a world renowned past-life regression teacher and practitioner. Through past-life regression, I am able to quickly help my clients retrieve and heal the cell memory imprints that they had carried forward from lifetime to lifetime.

I was inspired to write my most recent book after receiving numerous messages from Spirit on the truths about the afterlife during my meditations. In this book, I tell the story of how Spirit gave me concrete proof that led me to wholeheartedly believe my true purpose is to serve as a messenger for Spirit.