Past Life Regression Stories of Soul Lessons Through the Ages

Past Life Regression Stories

of Soul Lessons Through the Ages with Petey

Wednesday, September 23rd 2:30PM EST

and Friday, September 25th 3:00PM EST

In this Free 60 minute masterclass (2 times available for you to have access to), I am going to share with you what I LOVE to talk about the most:
Stories of Soul Lessons gathered from the clients I've regressed through so many of their lifetimes.

Ranging from the greatest love of their lifetime to their most creative lifetime, the lifetime that presented them with the most healing and so much more!

What even are Soul Lessons? They are the lessons your soul chose before each lifetime for healing, growth and evolving your soul.

Your SOUL gets your attention three ways: through your body, mind and spirit.

I break down the ins and outs of each in this masterclass.

I have studied under Dr. Brian Weiss and have led thousands of past life regressions for over 30 years, all while witnessing my clients create such magnificent shifts and healing in their lives.

I make understanding past lives, reincarnation and soul lessons easy to digest and learn about.. it really is so fascinating!

You'll hear past life stories of how people resolved the following:

-extreme anger issues
-never having trust
-living with guilt and shame
-changed martyred thinking
-tamed their perfectionism
-eliminated guilt
-feeling victimized
-understanding being an empath

& more

This masterclass is for you if:
-you've experienced or dealt with any of the above and are open to hearing how others just like you resolved these issues
-you've been intrigued about past life regression
-you're open to seeing life from a new lens

You'll walk away from this free masterclass with the remembrance that you are a being of pure consciousness.

You'll feel inspired to live the life you've always intended to create, it's never too late to begin again!

You'll feel more connected to your soul knowing that it chose the experiences you needed to grow, evolve and heal in this lifetime.

I can't wait to see you soon!

If you are ready to remember your past to heal the present, grab your seat by registering above!
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