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how to meditateThere has been much written about the practice of meditation and what its benefits are for souls traveling on this path we call life. I’d like to share with you why I feel this is probably the most helpful tool for handling any challenging situation, relationship or problem that you can do easily anytime and anyplace that is able to bring you back to a balanced peaceful space. For it is after this time of reflection, silence, and quiet that balance can be restored to your body, mind and spirit. Please enter this space with me and on this website I would love to guide you through this process to the other side where you have abandoned the inner critic and invited forgiveness, grace and peace to be your partner on this journey.


Benefits of Meditation:

  • There are physical changes that occur in meditation where your pulse is lowered, your heart rate slows down, and your breathing becomes calm and measured. You are increasing your level of circulation with deep breathing that then allows for increased blood flow to reach all your organs and glands. In this period of calm, you are creating change on a cellular level where healing, balance and harmony can be restored.
  • After a period of meditation there is often an increased awareness of lightness that is felt. Whatever type of meditation you are doing, whether it is the single focus, gratitude, mantra or any others I wrote about on my blog, you have now stopped any and all negative self-talk that tends to randomly and silently flow through your mind on a regular basis. Providing this space where your body, mind and spirit are on another focus point allows for much needed rest and rejuvenation at all levels.
  • You will find that your creativity is restored and enhanced. When all negatives have been eliminated and peace and serenity are allowed to enter in, then you allow for that precious space to be present once more. There must be space where light, ideas, energy and joy are able to have a place to flow and be heard, felt, seen or intuited once again.
  • And what I love the most is the spiritual re-connection you will find with your inner voice, your intuitive self, and divine connections. Many people find that after a period of practicing daily meditation they begin to remember their dreams where nightly help and solutions are given. Others find and meet their guardian angel, spiritual mentor or simply feel closer to source as  they allow themselves to sit with spirit’s presence. It is a most satisfying and joyful sacred space.

meditation techniquesYou will find a wealth of resources on this website for you to experience and receive all of these benefits. I have written frequent posts on virtually every aspect of meditation. If I have one mission in this lifetime it would be that each person nurtures their body, mind and soul within this beautiful space. If I can be of service in any way please let me know! Namaste

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