Musings to Help the Soul Remember:

Photo by Jeremy Freeman

These are metaphors related to various subjects such as trust, peace, love, abundance, life, joy, harmony, the soul and many more. I am inspired to write them after spending time in meditation. Clients and others who read them voice the same response over and over again – an immediate feeling of peacefulness and centeredness, and burdens lose significance. Immediate relief from their symptoms is the commonality of all who read them.

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How Many Musings Are There?

Are they available anywhere else?

This book contains 60 musings. On the opposite page there is one or two specific lines from the musing and space to journal your feelings on them. There are 150 additional metaphors to be used in future musings books on other topics such as healing, reincarnation, faith, forgiveness, and guidance. They will also include more on these favorite topics in Musing to Help the Soul Remember. People looking for other venues for inspiration will be able to purchase new musings on a weekly basis on the author’s Web site. They also will be able to purchase journals with one-line musings at the top of each page as inspiration for the writer’s thoughts. In the future, audio books will be available on this web site.

What Can You Do With the Musings?

Musings to Help the Soul RememberMany people who read Musings To Help The Soul Remember use the metaphors as affirmations on a daily basis to provide immediate relief, inspiration and a peacefulness that flows through them as they work on their “stuff.” Everyday burdens seem to fall away bringing a sense of serenity and a “remembering” of the big picture. They give peace and comfort to those who read them. I remind people that the messages are written in the wind, the trees and in the solitude of the soul that stands alone in the field of their dreams, desires and thoughts. When they have achieved a level of quiet for long enough, they will be able to access their plan – their destiny.

Why Did You Write this Book?

During these turbulent times we are living, people in the world need to have periods of respite to experience a peaceful return to their soul. The purpose of this book is to provide hope and pockets of solace so that they can drop their everyday burdens and enjoy remembering the clarity of what the big picture in life is really all about for them. Journaling to specific passages from each musing allows clarity from your unconscious mind to emerge and problems or possibilities can be seen differently!

Who is this book written for?

The audience for this book ranges from teenagers looking for direction in their formative years to Generation Y in their twenties trying to transition from youth into adulthood. Generation X and the Baby Boomers also relate to the musings as they are seeking the meaning of life and feeling insecurities physically, spiritually and financially. All individuals respond universally to the musings, feeling clarity, peace and a renewed hope in this walk of life.