Peace Meditation Audio


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Petey’s very own Peace Meditation CD broken down into simple tracks for easy listening.


“It was eye opening for me to see my homeostasis with my mother and my father and my friends specifically because this is a really big one for me.

I never thought about it from this perspective, I mostly had kind of like an overall high level family autopilot in my head that I had seen in my parents marriage. But all the pieces started coming together for me and I received clarity.”


“Absolutely life changing! It has redirected my focus in a positive way, creating more opportunities for my goals to continue to fruition.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed the online/virtual experience of Soul Lessons with Petey. I learned techniques pertaining to the soul searching process and guided meditation that I will treasure for life!

I’m looking forward to continuing my Soul Journey.”


"Soul Learner's Jumpstart was an extraordinary journey into the discovery of what my soul's lessons are for this lifetime. I was surprised to see how all the pieces that I thought were loose in my life, actually fit together to fulfill the lessons I had chosen for my soul's advancement even before I was born. Petey was an amazing facilitator and made this experience easy by dividing it into short video sessions that you were able to watch at your own time, with exercises that while simple, were profoundly eye-opening. I was specially amazed at how Petey was able to explain quantum physics to manifest our desires in a way that everyone was able to understand. One of the best parts of this 7 day journey was the meditation where Petey guided us to create our new realities.  I am armed with new awareness and very thankful."


"It was such a wonderful experience working with Petey and delving deeper into my soul lessons for this lifetime! She has such a wonderful way of gently guiding you toward your own realizations by keeping you on track and focused in order to help you see things that might have gone unnoticed before but become blatantly obvious when you follow her easy to use workbook. The workbook and personalized lessons by Petey go perfectly together and the meditation at the end was a surprising and very exciting bonus! It is worth every penny and every minute! I highly recommend it!"