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Re-Awaken, Align & Activate

Join Dr. Lima Bergmann and Petey Silveira on TBD for an all day virtual workshop on developing and aligning to your intuitive healing power.

Dr. Lima Bergmann is a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Medium dedicated to helping you live in alignment with your True Self so that you can create a more purposeful and soul driven life.

Lima will guide you through developing your intuition. Learn how powerful it is to tap into your intuition and experience great exercises to hone in on your intuitive skills - no prior intuitive experience required!

Everybody will get a chance to practice what you'll learn together.

Petey Silveira, a past life regression expert trained under Dr. Brian Weiss over 30 years ago, will be guiding a group past life regression to take you to your most intuitive lifetime to re-awaken those cell memories from that life to bring forth into this lifetime.

The final piece to this all day virtual workshop is where you'll practice your new found intuitive skills and learn how to activate it into manifesting your greatest desires.

Together Lima and Petey will guide you from start to finish, helping you to leave feeling confident and trusting in your abilities as a powerful intuitive!

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Bonuses for signing up include:

♥ 4 meditation musings to help the Soul remember by Petey

♥ 1 hour Trickling Stream meditation music by Lima

Re-Awaken Align & Activate (3)


Your intuitive healing powers have always been within you it's simply time to remember


Shift into trusting your intuitive capabilities with the help of intuition exercises and real time practice


Be guided into your most intuitive past life in a group past life regression to activate your cell memories

Workshop will be held on Zoom


This workshop given by Lima Bergmann, PsyD and Petey Silveira, LMFT is for educational purposes only. Attendance at this Re-Awaken, Align and Activate (workshop/event)does not constitute or replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health you should consult with a health care professional. Your attendance at this workshop/event is solely at your own risk. Nothing stated in relation to or in attendance at this workshop/event is intended to be, and must not be taken to be, the practice of psychological or counseling care, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, or advice.