Soul Learners Membership

Do you remember the SOUL DECISIONS that were made before you came into this lifetime?

The spiritual path is all about forgetting and then remembering, BUT the truth is….it’s not always easy to remember.....

Most of us have forgotten everything once we are born which can lead to confusion, feeling victimized, anxious and depressed in our present reality

Whether you've been on this spiritual journey for years or only awakened into this journey recently, the monthly soul/spiritual/psychology masterclass topics will bring clarity, guidance, direction and build a foundation for the life you have always been deserving of

I’m here to be your guide from the beginning of your pathway where you have forgotten much of  the healing strategies and I will guide you to the end of your pathway as you develop the coping tools for everything that presents in your life.

Relationships, career, communication, physically and emotionally. 

August Calendar

This is a sneak peek into the Soul Learners Membership HUB 

What you will learn inside the Soul Learners Membership

Soul Lessons, Soul Contracts, Past Life Regression, The Space Between Lifetimes, Unconditional Love

Limiting Beliefs, Letting Go of Anger & Embracing Compassion, How To Reframe Negative Self Talk, Healing Inner Child Wounds

Dream Interpretation, Guided Meditation, Learning Trust & Forgiveness

Quantum Physics Manifesting, Accessing Abundance, Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides, Akashic Records

Each month you will receive an abundance of tools for soul learning! Including: Master classes, interactive 'Soul Work', and a guided visualization meditation, added to your own virtual library, to support the psychological & spiritual theme of each month.  You're invited to, two virtual live, interactive group coaching sessions, with Petey! AND a members only virtual discussion - to chat it up about soul topics.  Additional month activities include:  Guest speaker virtual events, (on various topics - from mediums to numerologists to art therapists and tarrot card readings, as some recent examples), the entire membership gathers together each month, hosted by Petey for great interaction and all  the q&a we can fit in to an hour(ish). All of this AND MORE... for YOU as you gain healing strategies for ... LIFE. 

In Soul Learners Membership, you will transform from not understanding why difficult things and people present in your life to having a clear vision of KNOWING why it presents and how you can respond differently to it!

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Listen to Therapy Unfiltered to hear how soul lessons can change lives: soul learners membership testimonials 

How Do I Know if this Membership is for me?

Let me preface this to first explain that we have many neural pathways in the brain and it takes time to recondition them and that’s part of the kindness that we can extend to ourselves to allow for experiences to deepen and deepen the new behaviors, thoughts and eventually your new transformation.

And that is just what we’re doing in this Soul Learners Membership! We are deepening your new spiritual & psychologically aligned identity that will take place as you transform and blossom beautifully into your best self.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

Feelings of lack

Confusion and inability to trust with ease

Extreme anger issues

Struggling to connect with your purpose

Trouble trusting signs from angels and guides

Why can't I feel a connection to something bigger

How I can hear and/or trust my intuition

How do I communicate to those that have transitioned to the other side

Guilt, shame, martyred thinking or victim mentality

Thinking I'm not worthy of receiving good things

I know I'm sabotaging myself but I do it anyway

Extreme sensitivity as an empath

Feeling like manifesting is something only others can do

Longing to forgive yourself and others

Wondering why every relationship feel so difficult

How do I see signs from my angels and spirit guides

How can I more frequently show more empathy and unconditional love to others

Don't worry, this is why I created Soul Learners Membership.

Thank you Reka, for sharing how Soul Learners Membership has impacted your life!

Thank you Lilyan, for sharing with us where you've been along your souls journey!

Each month in the Membership has a new self-empowering theme

August's Theme: Spiritual Gratitude

-Week 1 Introduces the soul lesson/spiritual topic for the month in a channeled message from Spirit. Followed by a live and engaging coaching session, hosted by Petey

-Week 2 allows you to explore the soul lesson with an exclusive master class given by Petey and added to your own library. A member only discussion session is held to share insights and more!

-Week 3 For each soul lesson / spiritual topic, a guided meditation, exclusively written and delivered by Petey for the membership is added to the SLM library, providing a full mind+body+soul experience.  Additionally, a guest speaker joins us and delivers an interactive experience for all members, covering a wide variety of spiritually connected topics.

-Week 4 Members join together to close out the month with engaging, interactive, prayer, chat, activities and more!

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You get to go at your own pace...

Just starting your journey? No problem.

Already years into your healing journey? No problem!

This course is personalized so you can take it at your own pace.

Many people repeat the membership masterclasses multiple times and go deeper and deeper in their healing.

Community is a big part of Soul Learners Membership

See what Soul Learners have said so far on their journey...

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Where else can you have access to a therapist of 35 years, a spiritual teacher and coach to talk about all of these topics?

Soul Learners Membership Access

When you sign up for Soul Learners Membership, your fee will never go up - you're locked in at this rate as long as you're a member of good standing

Soul Learners Membership Basic Monthly

$98 per month
  • Access to membership content portal
  • Private Telegram Chat & Community
  • Monthly Expert Guest Speaker/Program
  • Monthly Zoom Group Q&A Call
  • 2 Small Group Coaching Calls with Petey
  • 1 Small Group Discussion Call with Mindy on Monthly Topic
  • Cancel Anytime

Soul Learners Jumpstart Basic Yearly (get 2 months free)

$980 per year
  • Access to membership content portal
  • Receive entry to the Masterclass Vault after 6 months
  • Private Telegram Chat & Community
  • Monthly Expert Guest Speaker/Program
  • Monthly Zoom Group Q&A Call
  • 2 Small Group Coaching Calls with Petey
  • 1 Small Group Discussion Call with Mindy on Monthly Topic
  • Cancel Anytime

Soul Learners Membership VIP Monthly

$292 per month
  • All Basic Access PLUS...
  • Monthly 45 Min Laser Coaching Call with Petey
  • 15 Min Oracle Reading with Petey on Your Coaching Call Topic(s)
  • Quarterly Channeled Message from Spirit by Petey
  • Other VIP Perks
  • Cancel Anytime

Soul Learners Membership VIP Yearly (get 2 months free)

$2920 per year
  • All Basic Access PLUS...
  • Receive entry to the Masterclass Vault IMMEDIATELY
  • Monthly 45 Min Laser Coaching Call with Petey
  • 15 Min Oracle Reading with Petey on Your Coaching Call Topic(s)
  • Quarterly Channeled Message from Spirit by Petey
  • Other VIP Perks
  • Cancel Anytime

What is the Soul Learner Path?

Petey Silveira

The Soul Learner path is broken down into 4 stages....

Stage 1: You feel that you've hit an emotional or psychological rock bottom

An emotional emptiness where you question if this is all there is. You may find yourself confused, in pain and/or frustrated with life

Stage 2: Increased awareness

You develop an awareness that you have an ego (voice in your head) + childhood conditioning that has you living within behavioral patterns that no longer serve you

Stage 3: Find yourself going into "contemplation" mode

You begin to draw inwards. To spend time alone in retrospection and reflection. Questioning everything you've been told. A pull to learn all you can, avoiding small talk or draining interactions. It's the emerging of your true self...

Stage 4: The Emergence

With expanded consciousness, you experience what it means to access choice beyond ego to manifest easily and effortlessly. You then begin to inspire others how to do the same which creates a ripple effect of awakening

Hi! I’m Petey and I’ve been helping people as a therapist and past-life regression expert for over 30 years and I created an online community and learning platform for all of my soul learners called SOUL LEARNERS MEMBERSHIP.


I will be your guide if you’re at the BEGINNING of your SOUL LEARNER PATH where feelings of low self-esteem, negativity and confusion exist.


Or if you’re in the MIDDLE of your SOUL LEARNER PATH where you’re wondering why certain things have presented in your life


Or you might be at the END of your SOUL LEARNER PATH where you’re still looking to understand in more depth the psychological and spiritual aspects of this lifetime.


No matter where you may be in your soul learner path, I am here to help you identify your soul lessons as a platform for empowerment and soul growth.

With love, Petey