Three Steps to Access Abundance!

Abundance is a state of mind and nothing other than that that. When you’re in this state of mind, everything flows into your life smoothly. When you are grateful for all the simple pleasures of abundance that lie before you, around you and behind you, then this energy exudes from you. If you are not Read More

The Secret of Abundance

The message of abundance is coming up once more for discussion! For some reason I am receiving this topic to speak on once again for this blog so here we go! Is there a secret of abundance? Abundance is usually described as more than one or a plentiful quantity of something. It comes in twos, Read More

Is It Really Possible To Attract Wealth and Abundance?

I have a dear friend, Ruth Stern who tells me that it is not only plausible to attract wealth and abundance but absolutely possible to manifest it! Ruth has been a family therapist and colleague of mine over the past 30 years. We are about the same age and started our practices in the ‘80’s Read More

What Is The Meaning Of Abundance?

Are you still searching for abundance? Some people feel as if they are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow their whole life. They try this career path or get advanced degrees in new areas and still feel it is never enough. Or they feel they’ll have to work until Read More

Signs from Spirit Guides

You are so thankful for the abundance of messages you are receiving and finally taking note of them from so many different places. What was perhaps not even noticed by you before is suddenly becoming clear, almost at times as if it was a neon sign! This is spirit speaking directly to you. When your Read More

What Comes Around Goes Around!

Generosity. How is this word connected to abundance, spirit and love? When you have a generous heart, it overflows with love, warmth and nurturance. This manifests in an abundance of people feeling what you are willing to give so generously. Spreading forth love and light is the message of spirit. It is when spirit’s aura Read More

Planting Intentions

The messages for you this day are ones of beauty and abundance. Beauty and abundance can be seen daily in the offerings from nature. As you observe that which has manifested before you, it is interesting to note that nature has its time for everything to manifest in its own sequence. You now observe that Read More