In Honor Of Joy!

Joy heralds the beginning of the holiday season. If you think about it, joy is written into how many holiday songs? It is placed directly into countless celebrations from each religion. The word joy can be translated easily into how many languages. It is almost as universal as the word love. “You bring me joy” Read More

Sadness And Joy

It is only until you have experienced sadness that you are able to appreciate the feeling of joy. It is the yin and yang, the black and the white, the ups and downs of the human condition that make us feel the pain and pleasure of such emotions. If you were to have known joy Read More

Finding Peace

Peacefulness comes to those that wait by the water’s edge. As you stand at the blue-green waters of the sea, you are able to see your reflection. The sunlight that has dappled the top of the water brings highlights to various parts of your face. As the water ripples in different places, it becomes easy Read More