Lessons Of A Lifetime

Do you ever wonder why you’re in this particular lifetime? Do you ask yourself, “What are the lessons I’m supposed to learn?” This question often comes up in my work with people. It seems that there is a commonality among our human souls – the characteristic to judge or critique ourselves rather harshly. As I Read More

Past Life Stories

It’s time again to tell some of the most wonderful past-life stories from clients I have worked with before! When I do workshops and share examples of how past-life regressions help people, participants always express how much they love these stories! So if you can’t make it to my upcoming workshop next month, here are some great Read More

Fitting Together the Pieces of Your Life!

 What are the pieces of your life that need to flow and work in    harmony one with the other? Why is it important that there is balance and symmetry with energies in your life? It all has to do with the “yin” and “yang” that symbolizes and represents the ancient Chinese understanding of our Read More

The Art of Happiness

When clients talk with me about their unhappiness in their life with people or difficult situations, I often find that there’s a reluctance to see other areas of their life where they could feel happy. Unhappiness, anger and angst seem to take precedence when presented in some form in people’s lives. Why is it that Read More

How Do You Keep Your Spirit Unencumbered?

Having a freeness in your spirit is necessary for soul growth. As your spirit feels released from any negativity or darkness that may try to suppress it, it is allowed to soar unencumbered. There are many negative emotions that can try to rein in your spirit. It may be anger, trauma or severe stress. It Read More