What is Your Passion in Life?

What is passion? Is it something that can be truly obtained in this most human of lifetimes, or is it something that is reserved for another time and space when your soul has crossed over into the next dimension? Passion is that piece of your heart and soul that resonates with the highest of vibrations Read More

How To Open Your Heart

Opening up your heart to those you might view as difficult or challenging in nature will actually move them to change the path they are on and redirect their actions to feelings that serve them in a better manner. How do you open your heart to those that feel so difficult in nature? If you Read More

Simply Love!

There are vibrations that are lifting and taking off around the world at a higher and more consistent speed. This vibration is bringing into alignment all of those ideas and thoughts that will join with spirit as you move forward into the next movement of time. We call this our calendar year. When multiples of Read More

Are You Ready For Change?

Scanning the horizons for new beginnings and opportunities can be the cornerstone for change to occur in your life. When you are actively looking and seeking to create change, it becomes the message for your mind and body to start producing new pathways in your brain for a new way of thinking, doing and being. Read More

How to Turn On the Light!

The doors are beginning to open as you follow this path you’re on. What you might have begun in uncertainty has turned into a journey of trust. All is not perfect yet. Everything is not known yet. There is a truly a beam of light that you can see at the end of your road. Read More

How to Stop Playing the “What If” Game

Choosing the path that you need to travel down can feel difficult to many. We are always leaping ahead to the future. “If I go down this particular path, how will it feel? Will I really be happy on that journey? What if I go down this side of the path? Will that be better Read More

A Simple Day of Gratitude – July 20, 2011

When you are in service to others, you are doing some of your finest soul work. Service can look like so many things to so many people! Typically service is seen as the act of helping others in some respect. You can help one person or a group of people! If you choose to think Read More

Learn Here How To Resonate To Your Highest Good!

Learning what makes your body, mind and soul resonate to their highest good is a soul lesson in this lifetime. When all of the cells in your body are in concert one with another, then the music that is played becomes one of health, healing, love, completeness, gratitude and joy. Putting all of these pieces Read More

How To Make Good Decisions

What do you do when you have a decision to make? Do you ponder over it for days or weeks? Or do you quickly make whatever decision you think is best at that moment for sake of time? People make decisions using both of these solutions. Sometimes they are left with a bad feeling as Read More

How To Make Good Choices

What choices are you making that will provide the best outcome for you? Are they choices that affect just you or others in your life? Depending upon the nature of your choices, it is first imperative that you sit down in a quiet space and reflect on what it is that you wish to have Read More