Part 2: Children and Their Past-Life Memories

Having recently interviewed internationally known author and expert in the field of children and past-life regression, Carol Bowman on  New Pathway To Healing blogtalkradio show,  I’ve received many more questions about this topic. My last blogpost suggested ways you could speak to your child about possible past-life memories. This post will help answer some of Read More

Do You Have Faith?

How can you learn to trust in the path ahead when you can’t really see the end of it? This is a question I’m asked often in my practice from clients. Many of them have been taught that having a blind faith in what lies before them is not a prudent decision to make. But Read More

What Is There To Celebrate?

Celebration! Is it something to wait for until something huge happens in your life, or is it something that can be practiced on a daily basis? Of course as anyone that is on the spiritual road knows, celebration is to be done on a daily basis. The practice of celebrating the sun rising each day, Read More

The Soul At Work

Helping to guide others to their own individual place of peace is something that anyone can assist another to do. It is in this act of assistance that awareness comes forth on what the journey really is about in this lifetime. Is it in everyone’s nature to give help to those in need? While it Read More

Oh Joy!

The messages for you this day are ones of total joy! Is there really anything better than a moment of pure joy? Sometimes it catches you by surprise, and your body quivers with the feelings of delight! Ever watch a 1-year-old child walk on the beach? They are completely absorbed by the singular focus of Read More